Spring Touch Is Going National!


“Franchising has been a dream of mine for over thirty years” says Spring Touch’s founder Marv Kottke.  “I remember when we changed the name from Marv’s lawn care to Spring Touch, I told the graphic designer that I wanted a logo that was franchise-able.  He kind of looked at me with a peculiar look, but even back then, I new someday that my dream would come true.”

In July 2018, Connect Magazine of Mankato, Minnesota visited our corporate location in Saint Peter, MN to sit down with Marv and talk about the journey of his business and the exciting future of his son-in-law and daughter, Nathan & Jennifer Newlands, taking Spring Touch national through franchising.

“When Marv Kottke start mowing lawns 45 years ago, he didn’t imagine his customer base would eventually grow from two dozen to 12,000.  He didn’t imagine he’d possess the help of more than 60 employees.  He didn’t imagine running a fleet of 35 trucks, each with Spring Touch Lawn & Pest Control emblazoned on the side and equipped with tablets and printers.  He didn’t imagine having anyone besides his parents to answer the phones, much less a call center with half a dozen employees doing that.  He didn’t imagine that growing the business would fall second to growing his family or that someday the two would seem intertwined……[Read The Complete Article]